Basic Project Information:

Victron Quattro 8kVA
10,8kW Solar
2x 10kWh BMZ EES X Li-FePo Batteries

Victron Ess System:

This system runs parallel to the grid and is programmed to run as an Energy Storage System. It will at all times prioritize the use of electricity produced by the panels before resorting to the use of the grid to power loads. It will only use the grid to charge the battery if it has dropped below a set limit during load shedding and will in that situation only use grid power to bring the battery back to the set minimum state of charge. Even though the circuits in the house was split into two separate distribution boards for essential loads (loads that remain on during load shedding) and non-essential loads (loads that won’t be powered during load shedding), the system is able to power the non-essential loads with Solar generated energy through the use of an energy meter which allows power to be fed back to the non-essential circuits without feeding back into the grid. Victron Equipment can “blend” power from various sources seamlessly in order to maximize savings as well as to help power loads that have a higher demand than what the inverter may be rated for.