About Suidsee Electrical and Solar:

Suidsee Electrical and Solar supplies an extensive range of solar products such as solar pumps, solar panels, solar inverters and solar batteries. We do not own our own range of products, instead we strive to provide the highest quality of products available on the market. Best practice, products and-workmanship is the name of our game.

Suidsee Electrical and Solar is motivated to establish a sustainable project, in order to make it easy for the average person, household, business and farm to improve their environmental footprint. Let us do your research to find the right information and products all at one location.

It is the lack of a sustainable electricity supply that has been the major reason holding back our socio-economic development.

Suidsee Electrical and Solar is committed in supporting our clients in the move towards additional cleaner energy.

Suidsee Electrical and Solar offers the following:

  • A network of local and national professionals waiting to be appointed on your project
  • Access to professionals in the solar and energy storage field
  • Professional PV Solar designs
  • Warranties: We deliver and honor our promise.
  • Suidsee Electrical & Solar guarantee quality products and workmanship

Our Project Team:

  • In house Qualified electricians (High and Low Voltage)
  • In house SAPVIA PV GreenCard Installation team
  • Professional Electrical Engineers
  • Professional Mechanical Engineers
  • Professional draftsman and Architects

Our Services:

  • Applications for Municipal approval
  • Application for Eskom approval
  • Grid tie solutions
  • Hybrid solutions
  • Battery storage and optimization
  • Remote access to your PV Solar Installation
  • Rooftop Installations (all types of roof cover)
  • Ground Mounted Installations
  • Rewire electrical installations into essentials and-non essential electrical circuits
  • Balancing of 3 phase installations
  • Maintenance Contracts